About Us

With Shoppetfind.com, no pet-parents are alone!

We're dedicated to standing by your side through the highs, lows, and everything in between of pet parenthood, providing all you and your pet need for a happy and healthy life. At Shoppetfind.com, our mission is to become the most trusted and convenient destination for pet parents and partners everywhere.


Our commitment is to prioritize our customers

Genuine pet experts are available for you 24/7, just a call, chat, email, or social media message away. We'll assist you in discovering everything your pet will adore at prices that will make you happy.

Moreover, we proudly uphold a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy on every order. So, if your discerning feline isn't thrilled with their new bed, you have the option to return or replace it. Ensuring your pet's happiness has never been more convenient.

Pets are the driving force behind our daily motivation (literally)

At Shoppetfind.com, pets take center stage in our universe. We wake up each day eager to find ways to bring joy to them and simplify pet parenting for you.

We craft products they'll adore, curate and offer reputable brands that you can feel confident about, and deliver it all directly to your doorstep. This means less time spent at the store and more time dedicated to giving belly rubs.

Ensuring the satisfaction of our customers is always our top priority, and that includes both you and your pet. Pets are family, and when you shop with Shoppetfind.com, you become a valued part of ours.

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